Mission Statement:

To empower the blind and/or visually impaired persons to be a support group€  so that we can be self-reliant and independent. To enjoy the fellowship of each of us and  to promote activities without the usual prejudices  that sometimes are associated with the blind community.  

Members of the Board of Directors are:

Donald Gomez (Chairman), Michael Jordan (Vice-Chairman), Shareen Diplesis (Seceretary), Victor Neisch (Director), Michael Bosco (Director), Mary Hart (Director). 

VIPS Officers are: 

Michael Bosco (Vice-President), Mary Hart (Secretary)

VIPS Contact information: 

Donald Gomez (Chairman of the Board of Directors:

1838  Julia Goldbach Ave Ronkonkoma. NY 11779

Phone: 631-468-8163

Michael A. Jordan (President of VIPS,  Vice-Chairman of the Board of Direct )

Phone: 631-334–9725 

Email: vips1838@gmail.com



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